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“Case Study: InSite – Implementing SharePoint” (Pete Sayers, South Taranaki District Council)

Pete Sayers is talking about how they implemented SharePoint at the South Taranaki District Council. Not an expert on PRA, MOSS, EDRMS and project management … but am responsible for all. The Council worked with Information Leadership.

Top level view … went for an information management program … went with the Microsoft products.

SharePoint … is not a silver bullet … is designed around collaboration and team work.

– Background
– User Experiences
– Components and Implementation
– Future

Why are they doing this? It’s good business sense … not because they want to, or because of PRA. Real reason … file shares going bad.

Two options … do nothing or do something.

What did they choose for EDRMS? MOSS 2007 … because of Microsoft’s deployment fund (requests for funding for Microsoft products)

Intranet called “Insite” … classification structure … democratic process, cultural services, organization management, and more …

Use document libraries in SharePoint … just a typical document library in SharePoint.
– Dealing with metadata … most metadata is automagically created, based on where the document is created.
– Deleting documents? Throws an error to say you can’t do that under the PRA.

Some feedback from the users:
– make the terminology less complex … show the overall program
– need to help with mindset change
– iLab … training offering was really good
– need knowledgeable support

Old vs new terminology:
– “document folder” to “document library”
– “document properties” to “document metadata”
– “file” to “document”
– “unit drive” to “structure”
– “file type” to “document type”
– “My Documents” to “STDC Documents”

The single most important part of the work … partnerships with others:
– Information Leadership
– Microsoft New Zealand – Innovation Centre

Costs of the project:
– capital … 10%, general … 10%, professional services … 80%
– consultancy for … record keeping experience, MOSS knowledge, business analyst, floor walking / user support, governance
– internal staff shortage … costly gap to fill, level of inefficiency using external resources

Some final comments:
– MOSS won’t solve all IM challenges … helpful to get some add-on products … CorasWorks (for roll-ups and aggregation across multiple sites), Colligo (for integration into Outlook, for dragging-and-dropping into SharePoint more efficient), and iWorkplace (from Information Leadership; the design wiki in particular).

– MOSS 2007 is a good foundation
– Knowledge is more important than systems
– Learn from our mistakes
– Don’t focus on contracts … focus on partnerships
– Invest in people!

Questions and Answers
Q. (from Pete) Who is looking at doing MOSS for EDRMS?
A. A couple … some just started.

Q. How have you found MOSS for EDRMS?
A. Has been okay, but there is room for improvement … eg, in pushing material out to the Intranet

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