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Collanos Workplace 1.4

Collanos released Version 1.4 of its collaborative workspace offering, adding new real-time capabilities.

“Collanos releases the latest version of Collanos Workplace thereby making unified collaboration available to everyone. The existing teamwork collaboration services are now supplemented with new voice and video functions. To have fully supported, server-less, PC-based collaboration among decentralized project teams with access to the Internet, the only requirement is for all team members to install Collanos Workplace 1.4 on their computers.

Collanos Workplace version 1.4 adds new voice and video functions to its team collaboration suite. Decentralized project teams can jointly manage documents, plan tasks, coordinate courses of action, communicate by instant messaging – and now also by phone. This feature not only supports PC-to-PC calls, but also calls to regular phones. A push of a button can set up conference calls among team members at any time.”


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