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A battle looms over collaboration tools says Forrester analyst

The pros and cons of hosted collaboration tools:

“If it’s possible for business units to find ways to get their work done without going through IT as another layer of bureaucracy, it makes sense, to me, for them to do it. Even in a down economy work needs to get done and if users can find a cheaper and more efficient way to do that, I say more power to them (and less to IT).

That said, companies do need to find a way to make sure there are sanctioned products, so that they aren’t faced at some point with pulling content from a variety of sources. A big question is: What happens if these small web 2.0 service vendors suddenly go out of business? What happens to your content? So you need to have some centralized management of the process and IT can provide that at a high level. But companies also need to be flexible because if these tools save money and provide more flexibility, it would be foolish to block them.”


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