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More Reviews of Seamless Teamwork

There have been some more reviews of Seamless Teamwork posted this week (which always makes a book author happy!). Here’s what others are saying:

Kanwal Khipple

Kanwal writes: “Seamless Teamwork is a refreshing approach to SharePoint and how to use it effectively.

This book is not for IT Professionals or Developers, rather this book is for anyone who has to work with people through SharePoint (for example: project managers, program managers, business managers, team members, information workers, end users).

Need help with finding a team, creating a shared vision and knowing your options within SharePoint, then Seamless Teamwork is worth a read.

If you are the individual who is managing SharePoint, you might want to purchase this book for those key team members who can benefit from it. Even if SharePoint was “pushed” onto your organization and you are having difficulty with making SharePoint work for you, then this is the book for you.” Kanwal Khipple, SharePointBuzz

Kent Duston

Kent writes: “Having had a few days to dip in and out of the book, I just wanted to say that I think it is incredibly well written. As someone who cares about language and how it is used – and who has always aspired to write well – I can say that it is a joy to read. It is comprehensible without being dumbed down, and it has excellent narrative flow – there have been many passages where I have been caught up in the story of the people and the issues and the software, where I’ve completely lost the sense that I am reading a technical treatise that is designed to teach me something. It’s a very difficult trick to achieve, but you’ve somehow managed to turn what could have been a very dry tome into a book that (for us geeks, anyway) is rewarding to read simply for the pleasure of learning.” Kent Duston

James Dellow

James posted an extensive review, an extract of which said: “I’m really excited about this book – not because I’m using SharePoint to collaborate right now, but because I like the way Michael uses a story and weaves a combination of practical SharePoint how-to’s with some useful concepts around collaboration theory and process. Read this book improve how you collaborate with SharePoint now, but even as SharePoint evolves or if you start using another platform you’ll still have some useful concepts to use.” James Dellow, ChiefTech

Nicholas Bate

Nicholas writes: “And that’s where Michael’s excellent new book comes in: Seamless Teamwork. Michael can write, he can structure, he can explain and he has brilliant examples. Read this book and you’ll understand how you can use a technology to get better creativity and teamwork. A great book, sorely needed by many of us who think shared calendars and e-mail are as good as it gets.” Nicholas Bate, Strategic Edge

Have you got your copy yet? See www.seamlessteamwork.com.