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WWPYCBW: Technology (October 31, 2008) for iPhone … released an iPhone edition of the client, for access to online files. “The killer feature of the app that separates it from being just a ho hum file browser is its ability to preview files. It’s not just images. Documents and PDF files render quite nicely in the application, just as they do for email attachments in the phone’s mail application. This will be very handy for those times I need to review a document while traveling. If you tap on a MP3, it launches the iPod application on the phone and streams the file.More

Documents To Go for iPhone … DataViz is apparently working on an iPhone edition of Documents To Go, for syncing Microsoft Office documents between a PC and iPhone. More

NewsGator Webinar … NewsGator is hosting a webinar on November 12 about using RSS for content aggregation and distribution in organizations. Biogen Idec will be talking about their implementation. More

SlideRocket Launches … SlideRocket shifted its slide authoring and presentation service from beta to general availability. “SlideRocket embraces collaboration with a number of features that make it easy for you to work in sync with your colleagues. The slide library lets you share slides, automatic version control means you’re always working on the most recent version and user and object permissions ensure the private parts of your presentation stay private while embracing ideas and suggestions from your peers. Never worry what operating system or version compatibility issues, SlideRocket looks exactly the same on every browser and device online and offline.More

SharePoint SP2 is Coming … Chan notes that Service Pack 2 for SharePoint is coming, and highlights the steps you need to take in deploying this latest pack. More

Windows 7 and SharePoint … Windows 7 includes federated search capabilities, for directly searching a SharePoint site from within Windows 7. More

James Yawns … James asks what’s the big deal with newer collaboration tools that are doing all the things that have previously been done with older tools. Eg, going from email to wiki. He concludes with: “Please note, I’m not trying to pick on anyone here. But I am getting tired of enterprise social computing and other collaboration examples that simply don’t surprise me. So, come on Enterprise 2.0, I knows it there but show me something really revolutionary!More

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