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WWPYCBW: Technology (October 24, 2008)

Gmail for Mobile Update … Google released an updated edition of its Gmail for mobile phones offering. “Our focus for this version was to make the experience faster and more reliable. Along the way we’ve added some time-saving features so you can check email across multiple accounts (including both Gmail and Google Apps email accounts), compose messages even when you don’t have a signal, return to your inbox while mail sends in the background, undo recent actions, and work quickly with shortcut keys which you can learn about in Gmail for mobile’s main menu.More

Grupthink Pro is Coming … Grupthink is working on a new product for business discussions, called Grupthink Pro, to enable them to build their own discussion communities. More

Intranets 3.0 … One intranets thinker thinks that intranets as “top-down and browser-based” are a design approach of the past. “Instead, he says: ìThe best intranets take advantage of social technologies, desktop applications (like widgets) and mobile solutions to provide greater value to employees where and when they want it. Itís not about the intranet, but about employee productivity using digital technologies. Shiv also argues in favour of intranets becoming ìconsolidated, dashboard interfaces that serve as a true virtual desktopî and suggests a restructuring of intranet departments so they better align with employee expectations.More

Intranet Innovation Opportunities … James flags some of the innovations that he’d like to see show up in the 2009 Intranet Innovations awards programme, including the seamless integration of collaboration tools with the intranet, RSS for enterprise news, and more. More

Multiple Timezones in Notes … Notes 8.0.2 and 8.5 allows users to show two zones in their calendar, something particularly helpful when working with people from other time zones. More

Notes Migrator for SharePoint 5.0 … Quest Software announced the general availability of Version 5.0 of the Notes Migrator for SharePoint. The latest edition is available in three editions. More

SharePoint Course from CMSWatch … CMSWatch released the first of two education programmes about using SharePoint. It’s available immediately; a second course is coming in December. More

Tungle Takes $5m … Tungle announced the closing of $5 million in Series A funding. More

Yahoo Calendar Update … Yahoo updated its calendar service, adding CalDAV protocol support. More

Web 2.0 Dead or Alive? … Dennis asks whether there is any real business benefit to be gained from the adoption of Web 2.0 tools in the enterprise. “In my mind what we should really be talking about is collaboration and not limiting our thoughts to sales and marketing. Neither should we be positioning web 2.0 as a silver bullet. Collaboration is a topic that some of us have been noodling for more than 10 years yet major obstacles remain. You can add all the social software you want but getting more than a small number to actively participate and use is a devil’s own job. I’ve got the scars to prove it from projects Iíve been running the last two years. There are precious few signs that Nielsen’s 1:9:90 participation inequality law is in any danger of being proven wrong. The people I meet squirm at the notion of social anything. Sure, the Facebook generation is coming at us older curmudgeonly types. But you can bet the moment they hit the greasy pole that is management progression, they’ll have the stuffing knocked out of them. It is the way of the world if you want to get on. If this stuff we talk about is to hit the mainstream, there’s a long road ahead.More

Wikis for Cutting Costs … Brainkeeper outlines five ways that wiki tools can help an organization cut costs: preventing knowledge loss, more effective use of resources, making decisions and executing, keeping track of stalled projects, and being prepared for next time. More

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