Microsoft SharePoint

A Collection of SharePoint My Site Screen Shots … I Want You!

For all you people out there using SharePoint and My Site …

I’m wondering if you would be willing to share one or two screen shots of your My Site … one of my clients asked how other firms were using MySite, in terms of Web Parts and layout. And so I’m asking you about how you do things!

What I thought was this:
– You take a screen shot of your My Site main page, and email that to me via michael AT michaelsampson DOT net
– I will compile all of the screen shots that I get back into a PDF, and share it with everyone who has submitted a screen shot … so you get the benefit of learning from your peers too.
– If you have confidential information in your My Site page, hide what it says so it is not disclosed.

Keen to be in? Looking forward to hearing from you if so.