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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (May 5, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Seven lessons is team success based on correlates from Jazz: (1) provocative competence, (2) mistakes as a source of learning, (3) shared orientation with minimal structure, (4) distributed tasks, (5) reliance on retrospective sense-making, (6) hanging out, and (7) taking turns.
  • Web 2.0 technology in the enterprise: Gotta says be practical. “Few organizations are willing to deploy blog, wiki, social bookmark systems, feed syndication platforms and social networking solutions that do not align and integrate with their core collaboration and content management platforms.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  •, an email hosting provider, announced a partnership with to offer online file storage and collaboration services for its Web mail customers. Available May 20.
  • Dave thinks the technology of web conferencing is broken, and outlines reasons to skip them: (1) problems in getting into the conference, (2) you can’t take notes on what you see directly on what you are seeing, (3) pages take a long time to render, and more. “Don’t get me wrong. Web conferencing is a great tool for all sorts of uses. One-to-many presentations, such as quarterly earning calls or in education, are a great use of the technology. I’ve even sat in on some smaller Web conferences that made a LOT of sense.
  • RIM announced a partnership with SAP, for access to SAP applications through the RIM BlackBerry. “The first output expected from this new partnership is a native BlackBerry smartphone client that will merge the power of the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application with core BlackBerry smartphone applications, including the BlackBerry Email, Address Book and Calendar applications, to deliver an indispensable tool for sales people. The new mobile SAP CRM application will leverage the inherent security, management capabilities and efficiency of the BlackBerry platform and the intuitive user experience of BlackBerry smartphones. Organizations that already have the SAP CRM and the BlackBerry solutions deployed will require only basic user training and minimal incremental IT infrastructure investments.
  • Forrester says that social network technologies in the enterprise are taking off slowly. “Young believes the reason for the lack of adoption internally will be because a good social network, by its very nature, relies on the network effect. If people don’t embrace it collectively, it can quickly become irrelevant and useless.
  • Ed points to a discussion about how the Australian Bureau of Statistics are using Lotus Notes (and have done for many years) in ways that mirror the “social productivity” ideas of the current age. The original post and discussion are at ChiefTech.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Want to attend better meetings? Look at your own behavior. “Do you know how you are in a meeting? Are you aware when you go on and on without saying anything? Are you aware when you cut people too short, either by interrupting them or by body language or non-verbal communication? Before we attempt to influence the “meeting behavior” of others, we should be aware of our own. We should work to become the role model before we try to impose rules on the rest of our team.

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • Microsoft is doing quite well, thank you very much.
  • Review of the iPAQ 210, written from the point of view of an iPAQ hx4700 user wondering whether the upgrade is worth it or not. Net-net: “The reason for my recommending the 210 is simply because there aren’t better 4″ VGA devices out there and, therefore, one needs to learn to live with its problems. If you do not need a 4″ VGA device and can live with even a 2.8″ model, you have a lot more models to choose from. If you do need 4″ because you want to use it as a high-resolution PDF reader, Opera Mini rendered by Jbed with readable fonts etc., your best choice, today, is definitely the iPAQ 210 and it simply has no alternatives.

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