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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (May 2, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • If people act as though information has value in and of itself (ie, rather than being valued within a context), then information sharing and collaboration trend downwards. “Does it make sense to hide things from your customer? Does it make sense to have asymmetric information within the firm? Once we start acting as if information has value by and of itself, it is only a matter of time before people start using this information to gain personal advantage within the firm. And once this happens, we can forget about all the nice things we say organisations stand for: openness, transparency, teamwork, collaboration, respect for the individual. Trust. We can forget about all of it, because we allow the very basis of this to be corrupted.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • IBM announced the availability of Lotus Quickr Content Integrator, for moving data from other collaboration systems into Quickr. “Based on technology from CASAHL Technology, Lotus Quickr Content Integrator helps organizations migrate critical data from existing repositories into team places designed for collaboration and sharing. Through wizards and templates the software makes it easy to move content from Microsoft SharePoint sites, Microsoft Exchange folders, IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager libraries and IBM Lotus Domino teamroom applications into Lotus Quickr places.” Available immediately. Coverage: eWeek
  • David offers an extensive review of OpenACircle, a new Web 2.0 collaboration service. “After testing most of the functions of a very early (Alpha) release of OpenACircle I can see that they put a lot of thought into making both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration easy (1-2 clicks). And by combining the real-time features with a virtual team space (VTS) that is also easy to use, OAC has created a secure space that works the way most people do, i.e. they move in and out of working by themselves and working with others (in a circle) as they need to. OAC is a good collaboration application in that it gets out of the way of the work people are trying to do, yet supports the interactions necessary in an intuitive way. What more could you ask from a collaborative tool, except maybe a low price… and guess what, it’s free!
  • RHUB Communications released Version 3.3 of TurboMeeting, the software to power its Web conferencing appliances. New features: international language support, recording capabilities, and an upcoming meeting schedule. Available immediately.
  • Microsoft announced Live Mesh, a Microsoft Live branded service for ubiquitous access to personal information from anywhere, combined with a synchronization engine for offline access. “If it works as advertised, this will be the culmination of Ozzie’s career. Live Mesh is a core technology underpinning Microsoft’s vision for software and services. It’s a hybrid approach based on practical user scenarios. At this stage, the client is good for some things while meshing with the cloud is the path of least resistance for most users. It’s not a zero sum game where it’s cloud or client.” See also Silicon Alley Insider, “Mesh is essentially a synchronized file system, where files on one computer can be automatically synchronized to a user’s other computers or to the cloud. The idea is that you create a “mesh” of devices, and you can make sure that any documents you have are on all of your devices. Mesh also allows for remote access to your computer so that you can actually run applications on your computer from another computer in the Mesh.” Coverage: ComputerWorld, Microsoft Watch (“It’s the most anti-Web 2.0 technology yet released by any company.“), ReadWriteWeb
  • Colligo Networks released a new white paper on managing email with SharePoint. It looks at how to use Outlook and Colligo Contributor to manage email in a collaborative situation.

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