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Can the iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld Do Dvorak?

As a gadgeteer, I am always interested in seeing what’s new in the world of gadgets. The new HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld has caught my attention. I have owned a few iPAQs, and although there were problems with stability, the idea of being able to have a small form factor device like that with an external keyboard as a way of taking notes in meetings, and for use on the plane, has long been fascinating to me. I did it with a previous iPAQ, and it worked great, apart from the stability issues with the device.

In the last 6 months I have moved from typing QWERTY to typing the Dvorak layout … and so the question is … does the iPAQ 210 handle Dvorak entry on the HP iPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard? Anyone know?

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