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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (February 12, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Steve is concerned that collaboration and social networking overlooks the introverts. “But what are you going to do, fire all the introverts? We should be very, very skeptical of the social enterprise if it doesn’t recognize that a lot of your most valuable and talented employees aren’t the ones chatting around the water cooler. Introverts are very often the low maintenance people quietly getting things done, bringing a sudden insight or innovation to the team, or watching your back while you make an ass of yourself at the staff meeting.” He continues with an argument for why collaborative work is more difficult for workers.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Microsoft acquired Danger, maker of the Danger wireless device. Windows Mobile will continue (or will there be a slugfest?), and on the reason for buying Danger Microsoft said: “The addition of Danger serves as a perfect complement to our existing software and services, and also strengthens our dedication to improving mobile experiences centered around individuals and what they like.
  • Starsoft released ezidoesit, for task and work scheduling in Microsoft Outlook. “Ezidoesit saves you at least 15 minutes a day in planning your work. It schedules your work requests that have arrived via email into an Ezidoesit task and then automatically schedules this work into the Outlook Calendar.” Available immediately.
  • Recent research from Forrester concludes that Web 2.0 won’t pay the bills, but collaboration will.
  • People are keen to embrace smartphones. “But now it’s clear that there are things that people are excited about – surfing the Web, checking email, and generally being able to do on a phone all the things that you might do on a PC. Smartphones, mobile devices like a BlackBerry or iPhone that let people access email and the Internet in addition to making phone calls, are the tool that makes this possible.
  • Google added online forms capabilities to its online spreadsheet service. “It is now possible with this feature to collect data from a group of people and then analyze and collect it within Google Spreadsheet. It is a great way to do a simple survey and share with people in your group. Just go to Google Docs and select New Spreadsheet-then click on Share and Select To fill out Form and then click on Start editing your form.
  • Xythos and Cadence Design Systems are hosting a Webcast on February 26 on how to protect multi-organizational project teams.
  • TimeBridge added free conference call capabilities to its meeting coordination service.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Craig shares a 5 part approach to rebooting your life: (a) shutdown what you can shut down, (b) hold onto the rest, (c) get your priorities really straight, (d) be careful when you begin to add things back, and (e) don’t wait for disaster to begin.
  • Wherever you are, be there 100%.
  • Are you being boring or distinctive? “I don’t know if Jack Johnson, or anyone else, enjoys creating the same songs over and over. I am not interested in duplicating myself. That’s why I am posting less. I am not sure how to respond to this phase in the life cycle of this blog. I love my readers and am thankful for your time and attention. I will just play around a bit to figure this out.

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • Have a big audience you need to rally? Clap three times.
  • 20 things to do on the weekend before Valentine’s Day (and if you cut out #16, or generalize it to “send a thank you card to someone you worked with during the week”, it’s a pretty good list for every weekend.

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