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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (November 29, 2007)

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Boeing’s Free Busy Connector for Exchange … Vladislaw outlines what he has learnt about Boeing’s free-busy extension for Microsoft Exchange Server: “First of all, Boeing have developed a Free-Busy connector for Exchange, not a complete CalDAV proxy. This is a web application (an ASP by the way) which takes someones e-mail as an input and returns their Free-Busy information in a format compatible with some CalDAV servers. I have tried using it with Bedework CalDAV server and I found it absolutely useless. This is a very good first attempt … ” He outlines some of the shortfalls in the idea. My Struggle
  • Sametime 8 … IBM released Sametime Standard 8 and Sametime Entry. “Lotus Sametime Entry software provides the core real-time collaboration capabilities needed to keep pace with today’s business environment. It includes instant messaging capabilities, multi-person chat, presence awareness, spell check, rich text capabilities, emoticon support and contact list management features. Chat history capabilities are also available, enabling users to keep a record of their business-critical discussions.” Sametime Standards adds support for Domino 8, new mobile devices, and video offerings for Mac users. Available in the week of December 3. IBM

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Getting Productivity to Stick … Matt outlines some ideas on how to make productivity improvement ideas work over time, and not just be forgotten or shelved as “good ideas”. Eg, for teams, he suggests: “Dedicate five minutes at monthly staff meetings for a workflow discussion. Another possibility: During monthly staff meetings, one person talks for five minutes on one of the workflow phases, whichever she feels most accomplished in, or experienced the greatest improvement in. Or reverse it to have one person ask for help/support around one area.” There are many more. Matt Cornell
  • To Dos in Leopard … Use a smart mailbox in Apple Mail to show all incomplete To Do items. Hawk Wings
  • Don’t Become Too Attached to Your Ideas … Quote from Karl Weick, “Generalists, people with moderately strong attachments to many ideas, should be hard to interrupt, and once interrupted, should have weaker, shorter negative negative reactions since they have alternative paths to realize their plans. Specialists, people with stronger attachments to fewer ideas, should be easier to interrupt, and once interrupted, should have stronger,more sustained negative reactions because they have fewer alternative pathways to realize their plans. Generalists should be the the upbeat, positive people in the profession while specialists should be their grouchy, negative counterparts.Bob Sutton
  • 1155 to 0 Emails in Three Hours … Kelly outlines how she cleared through her email in 3 hours after a weeks vacation. “First, I knew the morning I got back to work I’d have about 6x more input than normal, so I blocked that extra time on my calendar to give myself the time I would need to get it processed. I think this is essential. There is no way a week of email can be processed in the same time I normally allow. I need a cushion of extra time that first morning back. Then, I followed the 4D’s … Kelly Forrister

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • 50GB Free Online Storage … ADrive introduced its free ADrive service, offering 50GB of online storage. ADrive

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