Thanks to the Advisory Board!

One of the projects that I’m deeply engaged with at the moment is acting as Conference Chair for Eric’s upcoming Beyond Planning: ePRODUCTIVITY — Information, Communication and Action Tools to get things done conference in Manila, The Philippines in a couple of weeks (November 24-30).

For five days this November, eProductivity expert Eric Mack will teach you how to squeeze the most out of each day without letting each day squeeze you. Produce more in less time by making technology work for you. Let Eric’s expertise ignite your business. Let him help you create time.

He has 36 presentations to give in the 5 days … it’s a huge task for when he’s there, and a huge amount of content preparation and sign-off before he leaves.

Late last week I sent out the session overviews and content statements to our conference Advisory Board, and have had great feedback from:

Tanny O’Haley
Jason Womack
Wayne MacKirdy
Steve Holden, and
Matthew Cornell

Thank you very much to each of you for your insightful and perceptive responses.

There are a couple more responses due in the next day, and then we’ll shift to the next stage of getting ready.

So whilst it is apparently “Eric’s conference” — he’s the only one standing there in three weeks — he and I both know that we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Update on Friday 8th
I’ve just finished compiling the feedback we’ve collected. Great ideas and perspectives. In addition to the list above, many thanks to:

Marc Orchant; and
Tony Pisani

0 thoughts on “Thanks to the Advisory Board!

  1. Glad to help, Michael.
    Whew – what a huge undertaking. It would be fun to hear how you went about manging such a large project. Maybe a future blog post when you’re recovered?
    I’m sure it will be a smash!

  2. Matt is right – this is a very big project that Eric is undertaking and he’s very fortunate to have you helping him get his vision translated into a deliverable whole. It should be a spectacular event for the folks in the Philippines.
    Thanks for the opportunity to pitch in.

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