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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 32, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • “Individualism Kills Collective Effort” … Chris thinks we’ve forgotten the true power of teams. “It seems increasingly rare to find a true business “team.” (Dys) functional reporting groups appear to be much more common. The more senior the group, the less likely they are to be collaborative. The old adage of “No one wins on a losing team” does not seem to be true in the boardroom.Tom Peters
  • Building Collaborative Teams … Eight ways that executives can strengthen teams, from the HBR: (1) investing in signature relationship practices, (2) modeling collaborative behavior, (3) creating a gift culture, for sharing of knowledge, (4) ensuring skills, (5) support a strong sense of community, (6) assigning team leaders that are both task and relationship oriented, (7) building on heritage relationships, and (8) understanding role clarity and task ambiquity. Collaborage
  • Would You Hire Your Productivity Software? … Interesting way of framing up tool choices: “If your current productivity software was a candidate applying for a job, I’d imagine you’d describe the applicant as frustrating, time-consuming, rigid, antisocial, and maybe “old-school.” Definitely, too expensive for what they’re really doing. Not exactly a flock of adjectives that would indicate a good fit. Shouldn’t we apply most of the same criteria for hiring employees that we use for productivity software? Certainly, productivity software’s job expectations have changed so it’s at least time for a new job description. Personality-wise, I might look for a candidate that’s easy to work with, social, quick, and can jump into any situation and help. Not to mention energetic and (dare I say) fun to work with.JiveTalks
  • RSS to Reduce Information Overload … One bank is exploring the use of RSS to reduce information overload. “About 80 departments and groups within the San Francisco-based bank — in functional areas such as public relations, marketing, sales, product management and operations — are hitting employees with a steady stream of mass e-mails, all-hands voice mails, intranet postings and printed documents … As part of the project, the bank’s IT staff is creating very specific RSS feeds and defining the target audience for each one, so that workers will receive fewer but more-relevant messages.ComputerWorld

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • WSS 3 Out of Server 2008 … Microsoft announced that WSS 3 will not be included in Windows Server 2008. It will be available as a separate and free download. “Basically, we made this decision to allow customers to most conveniently obtain the technology while allowing Microsoft to have flexibility in the Windows SharePoint Services development process.Bink, ZDNet, CNet (huh?)
  • CommonSpot 5.0 … PaperThin released Version 5 of CommonSpot, its content management server. “This latest release introduces a host of new features, including a new, intuitive authoring interface; RSS feeds, Blogs, and Wikis; and XML publishing and rendering capabilities. The ease-of-use inherent in CommonSpot 5.0 empowers business users to be self-sufficient and productive, build interactive communities, and achieve faster time-to-market; and empowers IT and site administrators to easily adapt the system to meet their complex needs. These enhancements enable organizations to achieve better business results.” Available immediately. PaperThin
  • Netpresenter for SharePoint … “Netpresenter’s enterprise software suite for visual communications, now can use Microsoft SharePoint content. This allows web managers to actively show SharePoint content as an interactive screensaver, (desktop) presentation or emergency alert pop-up on any screen, ranging from office PCs to kiosks and digital signage screens.EarthTimes
  • iSharePro … Inftek released iSharePro, an online messaging and shared file system. “iSharePro is accessed in many ways including IMAP, and clients can also use the DirectConnect application that enables clients to synchronize accounts to Microsoft Outlook. iSharePro is more commonly accessed via a web browser window, but the Ajax based system functions similarly to Microsoft Outlook, with tabs for email, an address book, a calendar, a task list, and a current-day overview. Many of the settings are customizable, such as with the shared calendar: Users can choose whether they want employees to have full access to each other’s calendars, read-only access, or only be able to see whether a person is “free” or “busy.” In addition, iSharePro has an instant messaging system, which shows who is currently on-line, and a shared drive, where files are accessible to any employee from any computer.eMediaWire

Xythos 7 is coming
Feel good about Notes 8. An internal campaign.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Sticking to Goals … When life throws a wobbly and you fall off the track of your goals, how do you get back up? Leo has some counsel: (3) reframe it — two steps forward, one step back, (4) get up when you fall down, and (5) find new motivation, among others. ZenHabits
  • Too Busy or Gutless? … If you habitually deflect opportunities because you are “too busy”, Scott ponders whether you might actually need more courage. An antidote: “I suggest applying the 20% rule to life. That means that 20% of your time is being invested in speculative activities. Activities that you’ve been doing for less than six months or have changed enough that the learning curve is still steep. Applying the 20% rule requires guts and it requires a bit of initial sacrifice. You need to give up the guaranteed sources of money, productivity or fun, to make room for unknowns. But by taking a 20% cut now, you might stumble upon opportunities you never new existed.Scott Young

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Other Noteworthy Insights
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