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ActionThis Launches

About a year ago, Ed (now CEO of ActionThis) reached out and suggested we meet for a coffee when he was next in Christchurch. Ed knew of my 7 Pillars writings, and wanted to run an idea past me. We met, and he shared his vision for the better management of tasks within a team environment. He (and subsequently Tim, once he joined ActionThis as Chief Marketing Officer) have briefed me a couple of times on their progress, albeit under NDA.

So now they’ve gone public and released the service, it is great to be able to write freely about their work.

The core of the idea is that people need better ways of managing tasks within group and team situations than what is gifted to us currently in tools like Outlook, while at the same time working within the tools that are familiar to the end user. I really like the work they’ve done for a v1 product — the Web service concept and functionality, the well-thought through usability, the tight integration with Outlook via the plug-in — and like what I hear when we talk (under NDA) about future ideas and concepts.

One final comment, and ActionThis knows this: With writing a plug-in for Outlook, ActionThis is going to be judged, at least in part, on the efficacy and reliability of the within-Outlook experience. Two previous companies who faced this in the collaboration space were Kubi Software (now defunct) and TimeBridge (who has de-emphasized, although not eliminated, the Outlook plug-in (and make sure you read Yori’s comment below)). Ed tells me that (or is “raves that” more accurate) “they have got it right”. Time will tell …

Anyhow, I’m delighted it’s out, and wish them every success.

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