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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 29, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Embracing Wikis … Mike proposes a three-step process for the introduction of wikis in the enterprise: (1) “they are responsible for it”, (2) “everyone else is responsible for everything”, and (3) “I am responsible for what I know”. “I leave you with one last thought – the biggest change a Wiki has on organisations is not normally at the user level (they go through the stages and survive) but on the IT Department as it is one more chip away at the ‘control’ they have grown to to love like a comfort blanket.MiramarMike
  • Get Together … “Healthy teams are built on foundations of trust and understanding that allow team members to share and debate ideas, and to commit to shared goals. Humans are social beings and develop trust by interacting with one another, not by working in isolation. The cost of getting together in terms of direct expense is easy to determine; the benefit of getting together to build trust is invaluable.Project Management Post

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • ActionThis … New Zealand-based ActionThis came out of stealth mode, announcing and releasing its hosted service for team task management. “ActionThis is a web- based service for managing projects and tasks and making sure they get finished. ActionThis works with your everyday tools to help you get stuff done and go home early.” It integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook. ActionThis (PDF), with coverage at Read/WriteWeb
  • CentralDesktop October 2007 Release … CentralDesktop released its October 2007 edition. New features: relational databases, online file preview, and more. CentralDesktop, Video Preview

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Be Idle … With all the technology and information at our fingertips, we have lost the ability to be patient and do nothing. “We’ve lost the art of being idle. Not only do we have multiple sources of communication and information at our fingertips, we’ve gotten this sense that if we’re not tapped into them every waking moment we’re going to miss something. We don’t know what, but – well – something!AJC
  • Ugly Productivity … If your work space is too beautiful, you may get less done. “… My study is so ugly, it leaves me no option but to try to forget about it by escaping into my work. There’s no more incentive to sit around admiring the externals of the writing life. My eyes are firmly on the computer screen. Beauty may be conducive to happiness, but it seems that a calculated dose of ugliness can do wonders for productivity.” Skellie has 5 ideas to simplify (uglify?) your work space. ZenHabits

Other Noteworthy Insights
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