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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 27, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Bridging Gaps in Distributed Teams … Utta addresses three issues for resolution in distributed teams: time zone separation, different vacation profiles, and cultural differences. Turmalix

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • From Folders to Metadata … Susan suggests that it needs to be more difficult for users to keep using folders in SharePoint, and that they need to be pushed into embracing metadata instead. She developed a tutorial (PDF, 216KB) to help users make the transition. NetworkWorld
  • Xythos and Zimbra … Xythos announced an integration with Zimbra email and documents. “The new Zimlet will provide users with advanced document collaboration features directly from within the Zimbra application environment. With Xythos, Zimbra users will be able to enjoy complete access to their documents and email regardless of where they are located or what computer they are using.EarthTimes
  • Enterprise Mobile … Enterprise Mobile announced the availability of its mobility solution for the enterprise. “Enterprise Mobile streamlines mobility by providing one source for planning and concept proving, device management, supply chain management, end-user and IT support and training, security, line of business application enablement and wireless carrier services. While many managed service providers address only small portions of the mobility puzzle, Enterprise Mobile manages the lifecycle of mobility and all of the components of the mobility challenge from end-to-end. The company is already working with major carriers, device manufacturers and customers to provide customized services for mobility success.BusinessWire
  • FaceBook for BlackBerry … RIM released a mobile client for BlackBerry. “With the Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones application, Facebook users can wirelessly send and view messages, photos, pokes and Wall posts. The rich, native application goes beyond browser-based access, automatically pushing notifications to the user’s BlackBerry smartphone as friends and colleagues send notes, Wall posts or pokes. The application allows users to take a photo, upload it to the site with captions and tags; quickly and easily invite friends; manage events; manage photo albums; and manage their status while on the go.RIM
  • eRESULT for SharePoint … “SHAREPOINTWorks, an emerging company with Enterprise Search solutions and custom integrations for Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal 2007, announced the release of their new eRESULT for Exchange enterprise search connector for SharePoint. eRESULT for Exchange is the only connector that allows for search of private Exchange mailbox stores from SharePoint Portal, and provides an alternative to Desktop email search.PR Leap
  • Microsoft Mobile Device Manager 2008 … Microsoft introduced a server for managing mobile devices in the enterprise. “Responding to customer needs beyond mobile e-mail and calendaring, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, a new mobile-dedicated server solution that helps companies manage Windows Mobile phones similar to Windows-based laptops and PCs. With Mobile Device Manager, companies can deliver new applications to phones over the air as well as connect people via Mobile VPN (virtual private network) with security-enhanced access to critical data such as expense reports or customer information.Microsoft (see coverage at InformationWeek, InfoWorld)

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Not Enough Time … “People who have enough time are the ones who don’t have all that much to do. And, since you and I (the kind of people who would read this blog) DO have TOO MUCH to do, we’re given an opportunity: We have to choose what NOT to focus on during the day.Jason Womack
  • Mentat for BlackBerry … Brain Murmurs launched the BlackBerry Mentat Organizer, a client for its Web-based project and task management service. “New software for the RIM BlackBerry provides a mobile interface for personal task and collaborative project management. Users can remotely add tasks via keyboard or voice call, and can browse and update tasks in personal or group projects. The software provides a pervasive experience: task data and projects can be accessed via the BlackBerry, the Mentat web interface, or Mentat-enabled 3rd party applications. The software uses the Mentat web service, which is available for free for personal use and at a reasonable charge for users with more demanding needs or shared team projects. The BlackBerry client also supports offline operation during periods of network loss.PRWeb

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