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Getting to Watch and Talk with Vendors Doing Cool Things

One of the cool things that I get to do in my work is meet with people making cool software for team collaboration and team and personal productivity. They show me what they’re up to, and we talk / discuss / debate ideas and scenarios.

Some of the tools I can write about and talk about immediately, but others are subject to formal or informal NDAs. There’s one firm I’ve been watching for a while, and its principal gave me another tour of the current state of their work this past week. I was deeply impressed, both with the progress this firm is making, how it’s making the progress (a virtual team), and the cool “whoas” (hat tip, Tris) that they’ve pulled off.

I greatly look forward to their public launch, and expect tremendous things from them. I think they’re going to shake up an established market and way of working. And … they’re going to make a huge positive difference in the life of many people. I wait … and watch with great interest.

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