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Daily Report, May 7

Team Collaboration

  • Confluence Hosted … Atlassian released a hosted edition of Confluence, its enterprise wiki offering. Key features: unlimited spaces/pages, 10GB space limitation, SSL for security, and more. Pricing is based on the number of users accessing the system. Atlassian, Social Computing
  • Zimbra and Comcast … Zimbra announced the SmartZone Communication Hub, an edition of Zimbra that is hosted by Comcast, available at no charge to Comcast’s customers through Capabilities: voice mail integration and access, call history visualization, contact/address book management, and email/IM/video messaging, among others. Plaxo is providing the address book capabilities. Available 4Q2007. Read/Write Web
  • SharePoint 2007 at Dell … Dell outlines how it centralized numerous departmental-level SharePoint implementations to resolve some of the information management issues it was facing. Dell (hat tip, Peter)
  • Dion Defends Enterprise 2.0 Applications … Dion posted a length response to Tom Davenport’s recent comments about “2.0” in the enterprise. He argues that “Viewpoints like Tom are entirely right on however if we were looking at tools that are hard to use, highly complex and overspecialized, and required significant resources and special skills to acquire, deploy, and maintain. But this is entirely not the case in this wave of software applications that seem to systematically address virtually all the barriers we’ve seen in the past to getting new tools adopted, rapidly providing immediate value, and broadly used.ZDNet Blogs
  • The Agile Worker … They don’t need a desk or office to get their work done; just wireless access and good devices to work anywhere, anytime. “The move to “agile work”, though less obvious than the shift to telecommuting, could have a number of effects on organisations, from IT security to managing agile workers. Some hurdles may develop, but agile work is expanding rapidly and promises organisations the same benefits as telecommuting: increased employee productivity and higher employee retention.ComputerWorld


  • RIM BlackBerry Curve … RIM released the BlackBerry Curve, a new BlackBerry smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. “The BlackBerry Curve features a liquid silver finish, chrome highlights, smooth edges and soft curves. It is a full-featured smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and large display and yet it boasts an impressively small and lightweight design at 4.2” x 2.4” x 0.6” and approximately 3.9 oz. The ultra-bright 320×240 display brings images and video to life and includes RIM’s light sensing technology that automatically adjusts backlighting levels for indoor, outdoor and dark environments. The handset also features RIM’s innovative trackball navigation system that makes scrolling and selecting fast and easy.RIM. Business 2.0 says that RIM is running circles around Palm, Nokia and Motorola.
  • … and then there’s the Nokia N95 … Oooh, nice looking and functioning Nokia N95, albeit without the integrated QWERTY keyboard. Nokia N95

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