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Daily Report, Apr 27

Team Collaboration

  • My Quire … Quire released My Quire, an online collaborative team workspace offering. “It allows you to create a MyQuire project and invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on it, integrating an online calendar, Word-compatible text editor, Excel and Power-Point viewer, unlimited file storage and real-time chat.” Available immediately; free for one project. My Quire (hat tip, Robin)
  • Sametime 7.5.1 for Mac … IBM released Version 7.5.1 of Sametime for the Mac platform, although “video conferencing through Lotus Sametime Connect client and Audio/Video participation or application sharing in Lotus Sametime Web conferences are not supported on the Macintosh platform at this time.IBM. Adam notes some of the current “gotchas”, partially in response to Volker’s analysis.
  • Slow Down in Video Conferences … Although video conferencing equipment and network speeds are improving, they still aren’t perfect. In the mean time, slow down your speech and movements. WebWorkerDaily
  • SharePoint in Performing Arts … The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is using SharePoint 2007 along with the Equilibrium MediaRich Server for dynamic visualization and media automation for digital asset management. “Microsoft certified systems integrator Advanced Network Services has implemented Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint to enable NJPAC to improve quality and speed for deploying corporate marketing assets to both internal departments and external agencies from within a secure SharePoint document store. Equilibrium MediaRich Server for SharePoint technologies extend Microsoft Office’s collaborative experience with dynamic visualization and modification for dozens of digital and print media formats including Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash), Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF, CMYK, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, Targa and FlashPix.BroadcastEngineering
  • Interwoven and Microsoft SharePoint at NZTE … Interwoven highlighted how New Zealand Trade and Enterprise are using Microsoft SharePoint 2007 in conjunction with Interwoven Worksite for content management and collaboration. “NZTE’s goal was to create a single, simple interface to store and retrieve client and project information. They developed a system that uses SharePoint Server 2007 as the portal with Interwoven WorkSite to manage the volumes of unstructured data, integrated with their customer resource management and financial management information systems. By creating a single, unified access point to all data, NZTE increased global access, improved accuracy, and enhanced productivity.Interwoven
  • Blogs and Wikis Changing Work Practice … Arguments for the embrace of wikis and blogs as alternatives to email for document and team collaboration. “The IJIS Insitute’s Wormeli has deployed Traction’s enterprise blog technology inside his organization. The IJIS Institute is a nonprofit that applies the expertise of the IT industry to help improve information sharing among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. It has a small full-time staff, but leverages more than 450 members from industry and law enforcement to publish articles and white papers about information sharing.SearchSMB
  • Thumbs Down on WCM in SharePoint … CMS Watch concluded that SharePoint 2007 is “ill-suited” for Web content management tasks. Shortcomings include: (1) non-standard HTML code generation, (2) lack of strong native support for translation workflows, (3) high price, and more. The conclusion: “… while [SharePoint] may be acceptable for document-heavy intranets, MOSS is really more of a development platform.IT World Canada, ADTmag
  • From Access to SharePoint Lists … Steve argues that organizations that are removing Access from the desktop can replace it with SharePoint lists, which he finds very powerful. “My second favorite feature is the way that SharePoint promotes meta-data in office documents and Infopath forms into lists (creating databases from documents) and synchronizes changes in list meta-data back into the documents. People are lazy and this integration makes it much more likely that people will use document meta-data and that it will be kept up to date.Steve Richards
  • Captaris Acquired Castelle … Captaris announced a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Castelle. Both companies offer enterprise fax and workflow technologies. Captaris


  • Danger in Australia … Danger announced that Telstra, the incumbent telecoms provider in Australia, has released the Danger hiptop3 mobile device. “Powered by the Danger mobile Internet platform, the hiptop3 device offers the same uncompromised Internet applications that were provided on the previous version, including instant messaging, e-mail and text messaging, as well as full HTML Web browsing.Danger
  • Danger iD at T-Mobile … Danger announced that T-Mobile USA has released the Danger Sidekick iD, the latest generation of the Danger device. “Offered with a number of colorful accessories, the T-Mobile Sidekick iD will be the most personalized T-Mobile Sidekick to date. The customizable exterior provides quick modification so users can mix and match based on mood, personal style, or that evening’s outfit. Along with additional options for ‘blinging’ devices or wrapping them with unique graphic designs, T-Mobile Sidekick iD users will take the look and feel of their devices in all new directions.” Available immediately. Danger


  • Chris on Alignment Management … Chris outlines the ideas from Covey and Allen that help him think about aligning his daily actions and activities with what’s important. “Without a hard look at what matters to you and how you intend to do things, you can fall out of alignment really quickly. For instance, in my role as Show Director for Video on the Net, I might just want to get something done in a hurry, and I don’t want to take the time to educate the team around me. But what good is that from my mindset of community development? How can I take what I believe from PodCamp- empower, empower, empower, and NOT do that when I’m talking with my Video on the Net team mates?Chris Brogan

Other Stuff

  • xPad for Mac … xPad is a multi-document, single window text authoring tool for Mac OS X. “Staying organized with xPad is easy. With the category editor you can create and color-code categories, then quickly assign documents in the drawer. Documents can be sorted by name, date or category. Now you can efficiently manage limitless documents with color coding that provides a constant reminder of your organizational scheme.xPad
  • EverNote Plus for Windows 2.0 … iambic released Version 2.0 of EverNote Plus for Windows, its notes and information capture/management application. New features: an embedded to-do list, a note list, time categories for sorting notes, and support for searching for handwritten text in notes (eg, Tablet stuff). There’s also a version that installs on a USB thumbdrive, for total portability. iambic
  • On Microsoft and Windows … Are they the “standard” or just the “default”? The Register

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