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BrightStar Emerging Web Technologies & Trends Conference in Auckland NZ, Mar 19

I left home at 5.45am this morning to catch a flight up to Auckland for the BrightStar conference entitled Emerging Web Technologies and Trends. The flight was 1h20m, and the taxi drive through Auckland was 45 minutes. I arrived just in time at 9am. I hope to blog throughout the day, and will update this post as the main index page of the conference. I’m speaking later in the day on What Does Web 2.0 Mean for Enterprise Search.

There’s 9 speakers on for today, and about 30-40 people here overall. Audience composition is predominantly male; I counted only 4-5 ladies.

Session List
0910am … Introducing Web 2.0 Concepts, John Lewis (Intergen)
0955am … Web Services and the Semantic Web, David Boloker (IBM)
1110am … The Need for Speed – Accelerating the Next Generation Web, Paul Grover (Observatory Crest)
1155am … Web 2.0 and the Enterprise Office, Mark Carroll (Microsoft New Zealand)
0130pm … Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and the Participation Age, Rob Erskine (Sun Microsystems)
0215pm … What Does Web 2.0 Mean for Enterprise Search? Michael Sampson (Collaboration Success Advisors)
0320pm … Convergence, User Generated Content and Composite Applications, Nigel Parker (Microsoft)
0405pm … What Does Web 2.0 Mean for Mobility?, Mandi Buswell (Openwave)

After the 5pm closing comments from the conference chair, we broke out for end-of-conference networking drinks. Thanks BrightStar … it was a good day.

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