Hobie Leaves Mindjet for Healthwise, Feb 9

I’m a great fan of Mindjet Mindmanager for mind mapping on my Mac and Tablet. Mindjet reached out to a number of influential / interesting people for an informal Advisory Board, with that project being headed up by Hobie Swan (External Affairs Manager). There’s been some interesting conversations by email … it’s been a privilege to be a part of that group.

Anyhoo, Mr Swan has decided that it’s time for a change … and he’s joining Healthwise Information Therapy in a couple of weeks. He says …

Healthwise is bigger than Mindjet (about 280) but doing very well supplying health information to all the major health insurers … and have made an interesting business out of it. I will be producing these very interesting interactive “conversations” people can engage in as an alternative to reading reams of medical info. These conversations take the person through a kind of self-guided path to find the health information they need. It is the most natural human:computer interface I have ever seen. I guess in some sense it is an extension of what Mindjet is trying to do.

It’s been great to meet you virtually through your work at Mindjet Hobie! All the very best with this part of your adventure.

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