One wrinkle in an otherwise perfect plan, Oct 19

I thought this post was going to be a “wow, this is incredible” sort of affair regarding the VTBook PCMCIA form factor DVI adapter to enable the running of a second external monitor off a laptop. As in …

The first 23″ monitor is displaying at 1200×1920 (due to being in portrait mode), and I wanted the ability to do it with a second one too (you can never have too much screen real estate!). The VTBook looked like the ideal solution … except that it does not support screen rotation … a “feature” I only discovered after getting the VTBook, a VESA adapter for my Cinema Display, and a Visidec stand to flip it. That’s not a good time to discover that it won’t work! Look closer at the second screen … the browser is sideways. And there’s no way to flip it.

I emailed Villagetronic and asked what I’d overlooked, and the response came back:

unfortunately we don’t support portrait resolutions on Mac. We had a few requests for this feature and we finally decided not to support it also because it would have been too slow anyway, especially using high resolutions.

Yes, it would work fine if I flipped both screens back to landscape mode, but that’s not what I purchased it for. Back to the drawing board I suppose … or maybe off to MagnumMac for a different angle on the problem.

Any other ideas?

(Thanks Eric, you can stop laughing now)

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