Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools – Workshop

The Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools Workshop is an intensive two-day in-house working session to help firms create their roadmap for collaboration.

The workshop is based on Michael’s book Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology—Now What? (2011).

Workshop Flow
Here’s the basic flow of the workshop:

  • An initial discussion of your collaboration strategy and previous history with collaboration approaches and technology. This sets the scene for our time together.
  • A series of presentations, delivered by Michael, on each of the topics in the Collaboration Roadmap book, along with the most up-to-date case studies.
  • Discussion and debate about the various ideas in each section.
  • Individual and group exercises to apply the ideas that resonate to your firm, and work out how to implement them.

Workshop Agenda
The agenda for the two-day workshop is:

Day 1
0900 … Introductions, and Presentation on Roadmap to Success
1000 … Morning Break
1015 … Facilitated Discussion about Your Current State and Vision
1215 … Lunch
1300 … Setting the Scene
1330 … Technology for Collaboration
1500 … Afternoon Break
1530 … The Vision for Collaboration
1600 … The Road to Success
1630 … Closing Comments for Day 1
1700 … End of Day 1

Day 2
0900 … Governing Collaboration
1030 … Morning Break
1045 … Business Engagement
1115 … User Adoption Strategies
1215 … Lunch
1300 … The Pursuit of Value
1330 … Facilitated Discussion on Applying Learnings
1700 … End of Day 2

Arrange the Workshop
For details on arranging this workshop at your firm, along with costs and timeframe, please contact Michael.