User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools – Workshop

The User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools Workshop is an intensive two-day in-house working session designed to teach the main concepts of the book, and more importantly, to give you a rapid boost into the user adoption phase of your work with collaboration technology.

The workshop is based on Michael’s book – User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition) – and can be contextualized for the product or category being used by your organization (e.g., collaboration, unified communications, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, etc.).

Workshop Flow
Here’s the basic flow of the workshop:

  • An initial discussion of your collaboration strategy and previous history with collaboration approaches and technology. This sets the scene for our time together.
  • A series of presentations, delivered by Michael, on each of the topics in User Adoption Strategies, along with the most up-to-date case studies.
  • Discussion and debate about the various ideas in each section.
  • Individual and group exercises to apply the ideas that resonate to your firm, and work out how to implement them.

Workshop Agenda
The agenda for a two-day workshop is:

Day 1
0900 … Introductions, and Presentation on User Adoption
1000 … Morning Break
1015 … Facilitated Discussion about Your Current State and Vision
1215 … Lunch
1300 … User Adoption Strategies – Context and Models
1400 … Winning Attention (Stage 1) – Group Learning
1500 … Afternoon Break
1530 … Cultivating Basic Concepts (Stage 2)
1630 … Closing Comments for Day 1
1700 … End of Day 1

Day 2
0900 … Enlivening Applicability (Stage 3) – Group Learning
1000 … Making It Real (Stage 4)
1100 … Morning Break
1115 … Measuring User Adoption
1200 … Developing Your User Adoption Approach
1300 … Lunch
1400 … Facilitated Discussion on Applying Learnings
1700 … End of Day 2

Arrange the Workshop
For details on arranging this workshop at your firm, along with costs and timeframe, please contact Michael.