Collaboration Roadmap

Many firms are struggling with collaboration technology. Either it’s been installed and is not being used, or they are not sure what to do. How do you make great decisions about collaboration technology and its use within organizations? Collaboration Roadmap answers both questions, providing a roadmap to success with collaboration at work.

Title: Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology — Now What?
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: The Michael Sampson Company (December 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9-780473-200732
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Price: US$49 per copy, including postage

Table of Contents
Introduction and Overview
Foreword – by Ed Brill (IBM Corporation)
Chapter 1. Setting the Scene
Chapter 2. Really Understand the Technology
Chapter 3. Outline the Vision
Chapter 4. Accept Technology is a Small Factor in Success
Chapter 5. Determine Your Governance Approach
Chapter 6. Make Every Effort to Engage the Business
Chapter 7. Apply Intentional Energy to Adoption
Chapter 8. Pursue Increasing Value
Chapter 9. Your Collaboration Journey
Appendix 1. Collaboration Theory
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