Apply Michael’s Themes

I’m not a consultant for a large corporate. I run my own business (and it’s just me). I think. I write. I try to make sense of stuff. I go really, really deep into the themes that capture my interest … which means I can likely help you in your work if you are focused on the same themes I am. But only if you want to engage in a real exploration.

My domain of interest is how people and teams can embrace changing conditions to pursue transformation, with a general focus on new technologies that support rethinking work practices, organisational design, culture and business models. These themes have led to books, research reports, workshops, and keynote presentations … but also the opportunity to work directly with clients to explore how to apply these themes in their work. Clients have chosen to work with me because they get the man behind the ideas, not a shadow copy.

What Others Have Done
The capabilities and interests I bring to the table have been leveraged by others in various ways, such as:

  • For a global religious organisation, I facilitated a strategic review meeting for the messaging and collaboration tools used across the world. I presented on the future of collaboration, facilitated discussions on IBM, Microsoft, and Google, and provided advice to senior leadership on next steps.
  • For a food manufacturer in Australia, I conducted a series of interviews with senior managers to discover opportunities to use new collaboration tools and approaches across the firm. I presented a summary workshop to a representative group of managers and employees and facilitated a roadmap planning activity.
  • For a university in New Zealand, I provided input on the firm’s adoption and change management strategy for its new SharePoint 2013-based intranet and collaboration environment. This involved reviewing the university’s strategy documents, providing written input, and engaging remotely with members of the project team.
  • For a financial services firm in the United States and London, I led a series of discussions around the firm’s current strategy and approach to the use of and adoption profile of SharePoint and Lync in Office 365, as well as the ramifications of adding Yammer into the mix. Engaged with the firm’s communications team to discuss integrating collaboration spaces into the new intranet.
  • For a legal services firm on the West Coast of the United States, I provided an external review for the CIO of the SharePoint 2013-based intranet designs from an external agency. Review comments highlighted opportunities for improvement, as well as various areas of concern to address in the design phase.
  • For an NGO in Italy, I presented and facilitated a workshop on the effective human practices of collaboration.
  • For one of the Big 4, I provided input into their collaboration strategy and decision approach when selecting a new collaboration technology platform.

And so on.

How About You?
How can I help you to explore how to apply my approaches on embracing changing conditions to pursue transformation? We should talk …