What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying About the Book
Here’s a sampling of what other people are saying about Collaboration Roadmap (2011):

Michael integrates information, experience and knowledge about effective collaboration into a book full of wisdom.” Martin White, Intranet Focus

Michael is a world-renowned expert in collaboration. He has thought deeply about the issues of working together virtually. We have greatly benefited from his insights and research as we have evolved our 40,000 SharePoint-based extranets and our knowledge-driven intranet and web site. He contributed a great deal in helping us leverage collaboration at Fenwick & West LLP.” Matt Kesner, Chief Technology Officer, Fenwick & West LLP

If you want to get past all of the hype, overselling, misinformation, and confusion that permeates far too many discussions about collaboration, then you have picked up the right book. Michael has a wonderful ability to create real clarity and add tremendous insights around both the challenges and opportunities that collaboration presents. His holistic approach, succinct frameworks, and pragmatic advice make this an actionable guide for anyone looking to have collaboration drive better business outcomes within their organization.” Jim Hays, The ASPIRE! Group

Michael has a gift of making complex and challenging topics ‘consumable’—and his new book Collaboration Roadmap is no exception. The book starts with a visual table of contents—a brilliant way to introduce the concepts in the book—and includes very creative chapter titles, all of which support his goal of providing guidance in a way that is both easy to remember and easy to consume. His writing style is just like Michael himself—accessible and friendly. His frameworks for evaluating collaboration technology (Chapter 2) provide a great approach to consider what’s possible, even if you already have technology in place. His recommendations for governance (Chapter 5) include ideas for a governance structure that are practical and achievable. I think both the most seasoned collaboration professional as well as a ‘newbie’ on this journey will find a great deal of useful and actionable advice in this book.” Susan Hanley, Susan Hanley LLC

Brilliant! Michael Sampson continues to lead as an Enterprise 2.0 pragmatist. His unique perspective reveals the strategies and tactics companies and individuals must follow to emerge as a truly ‘social business.’ In a world of incremental improvements, designed to squeeze the last drops of efficiency out of established business processes, Michael shows how becoming a Social Business offers a rare opportunity to achieve step change improvements which impact growth, efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. Beyond the early novelty of blogs, wikis and forums, Michael effectively documents the steps needed to harness the creative and productive potential of employees across any enterprise and expertise across human networks. Because the benefits of Social Business require a fundamental change in the way employees work, simply ‘installing software’ will not be enough to realize its value. Unlike the dot com boom of the 90s, companies falling behind or waiting to begin Social Business efforts will not be able to ‘buy their way back in.’ It is a new era, and Michael Sampson reveals exactly how the winners will step forward, as Social Businesses, to define it.” Andy Carusone, Lowe’s Home Improvement

Michael has an unerring knack of cutting through the hype of collaboration software and technologies, and getting to what works and what doesn’t. His understanding of the human side of the equation is rare in today’s ‘what’s hot now?’ market, and it’s that understanding which sets him apart from others who follow and analyze this segment of the industry. His writing and insight are high on my list of ‘must-reads’ every day, and I consider myself fortunate to count Michael as a colleague and friend.” Thomas Duff

Michael is that rarity in the sphere of enterprise collaboration—a truly independent consultant and strategist. With no ties to any vendor but with over 15 years of in-depth knowledge and experience, he writes with authority and sensitivity on the true challenges that face organisations wishing to improve their collaborative culture. Collaboration Matters has introduced Michael into a number of our customers to run workshops and interview key players, and I can vouch for the truly transformative nature of his skills and advice. As a fan of Michael’s previous books, I am delighted that he has widened the scope in Collaboration Roadmap, delivering a must-read guide to the human elements of delivering projects in this area. I have do doubt it will become a key deliverable in every project we are involved in.” Stuart McIntyre, Collaboration Matters Limited