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Here’s a sampling of what other people are saying about User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012) …

And what keeps us in jobs – “user adoption” (some people call this “change management” but we really like the focus that “user adoption” gives). We know it’s not about the tools it’s about people adopting the tools into their work life. And it is exactly where Michael Sampson’s (@collabguy) new title, “User Adoption Strategies” is aimed. We were lucky enough to get a copy …. I spent the weekend reading it and straight off the bat, WE RECOMMEND IT.”
Mike Riversdale, WaveAdept

If you recognise the need to have a strategy to increase user adoption then the second edition of Michael Sampson’s User Adoption Strategies book will give you twenty to choose from. Michael recognises that there will be ‘first wave’ adopters who immediately see the possibilities of these technologies and so the focus of his book is on ‘second wave’ adopters who cannot make the intuitive leap from knowing features of the technology to knowing how to get the best out of it.
Martin White, Intranet Focus

Michael Sampson, a well-known expert on the topic of collaboration, dives deeply into what makes for successful user adoption in his book “User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology”. This should be one of the first books that is read and studied before launching your SharePoint/Connections/etc. rollout. And since the book is vendor-agnostic, it really doesn’t matter what platform you’re rolling out. These problems are common to all of them.”
Thomas Duff

What I enjoyed most from the book is the way Michael explains these strategies. Not only do you get to know how they work, but also when to apply them (in which situation), and why they actually help you. All that written in a very understandable language filled with lots of examples, making it easy for you to grasp the concepts immediately when you read about them. While reading, a few times I thought “why didn’t I think about this before!”. These aren’t complex frameworks for which you need to read and think a lot beforehand to understand them, and neither does it take a lot of time to apply them.”
Rene Modery

This is the kind of book that once you’ve read it, you’ll find yourself returning to the core chapters in the The Model and the Strategies section time and time again to sense check your approach and to remind yourself of the most typical approaches you should consider. Overall, this is another practical book from Michael and I’m happy to recommend it.”
James Dellow, Chieftech

The book includes all the ingredients for success but it is not intended to be a cookbook – you are still responsible for creating the recipe that will work for your solution in your organization. Michael helps you decide which strategy to use because for each recommendation, he includes a discussion of how to use it, when to use it, and why it works.”
Sue Hanley, for Network World

I read Michael Sampson’s new book User Adoption Strategies with great interest and flagged a lot of gems I found, some of which I will share here. I’ll let you discover the others. It’s not the early adopters we need to worry about: it’s all the others.”
Jane McConnell, NetJMC

This is the very best book I’ve read regarding true “tactical” Enterprise 2.0 implementation. Bar none. 10 out of 10! This is a book for change management employees responsible for the implementation of collaborative technologies within their company. This book assumes the reader already ‘gets it’ when it comes to E20…and quickly moves into real-world tactics for building new ways of working with collaborative technologies to a workforce who may…or may not ‘get it’.”
Andrew Carusone, Director IWE Community & Governance, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Michael Sampson’s book User Adoption Strategies is also a must-read. In it, he compellingly outlines the need behavioural change if collaboration tools are going to succeed within organisations, and provides a simple four-stage model for planning this transformation …. This is a masterwork, and it highlights what organisations must do make collaboration tools work.”
James Robertson, Step Two Designs

Don’t just build it and throw it out there! That is one of the most important messages from Michael Sampson in his most recent book ‘User Adoption Strategies – Shifting 2nd wave people to new collaboration technologies’. This is the first time I read one of Michael’s books and since he calls himself @collabguy on Twitter I have to say that my expectations were rather high … and I can now honestly say that I have not been disappointed!
Martin Risgaard Rasmussen