Re-Imagining Effective Work

Reimagining Effective Work: A Snapshot of Transformation in Action

Every time a decision is made, a product or service is designed, or a way of working is introduced to a team, there’s two things at play. The first is the visible and explicit decision, product, service or way of working. The second are the boundary conditions on what’s possible—the constraints, assumptions and general context that define what’s possible, profitable, and useful. The first becomes enshrined in policy (for decisions), manufactured and marketed to the world (the product or service), or codified through practice in organisational culture (the way of working). The second tend to become invisible over time. And that’s a problem when boundary conditions change.

A brief scan of today’s businesses, organisations and industries highlights many changes, with innovation happening across many dimensions and levels. The reimagineers in banking, transportation, accommodation, health services and many more are questioning assumptions, pushing beyond the constraints of yesterday, and imagining new ways of working, creating organisations, and designing business models.

This report investigates a sample of what’s changing across the world and seeks to highlight the questioning mindset essential for reimagining effective work.

Download Reimagining Effective Work: A Snapshot of Transformation in Action (October 2019) (14 pages)