SharePoint Intranets In a Box Report v5 – by ClearBox Consulting

The buyers’ guide to intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365.

ClearBox’s independent assessments of intranet solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 will show you how SharePoint (on-premises and online) can be transformed into a fully-featured intranet and collaboration environment.

Covering 52 intranet products (30 in-depth reviews and cataloguing 22 more), our assessments are independent, balanced, and honest, allowing you to see the functionality and strengths that meet your requirements.

Each review highlights the features and benefits of the product, assessed against eight common business scenarios, so you can find the most suitable product from a local or international vendor.

I wrote the product reviews for WebVine Injio, Circle T Kasama, and Sope Sproket.

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