Adoption & Effective Use

Re-Thinking Return on Investment for Office 365

How much do you pay every month for your employees’ Office 365 subscription?

Research shows that the payments made by Microsoft customers for Office 365 are not being met with parallel value gains in return.

Migrating to Office 365 is not enough to pay back your investment. The real value of Office 365 comes when you and your employees start changing work processes to take advantage of the capabilities in Office 365. This is the core adoption issue.

In this eBook, we look at various ways of examining the return-on-investment possible with Office 365, such as:
– time saved
– quicker work processes
– getting more work done
– reducing travel cost
– reducing the cost for on-premises infrastructure
– minutes saved per day per worker

But which approach is really meaningful for you and your organization? More is not always a synonym for better quality. This is why it is now necessary to rethink ROI for Office 365.

Download User Adoption for Office 365: How to Lock-In a Return-on-Investment (June 2019) (published by Silverside)