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ROI for Office 365 – Upcoming Talk on June 12

I will be presenting on ROI for Office 365 at the next meeting of the Christchurch Office 365 and SharePoint User Group. Date is Wednesday June 12; time is 8.30am to 10am. Here’s the overview of what I will be talking about:

The usual approach for calculating return-on-investment for tools like Office 365 is how many minutes per day a knowledge worker can save. But relying on minutes saved for ROI is a fallacy. Achieving ROI from Office 365 requires answering much larger questions about why and where Office 365 creates value in your organisation.

While easy methods of calculating ROI exist, tracking reduced labour costs and lower travel costs don’t provide any insight into the true business value of Office 365. True business value is derived when Office 365 supports changes to work practice, organisational structure, culture and the organisation’s business model.

This session will cover:
– Why the usual approaches to calculating ROI for Office 365 don’t work.
– New principles and approaches for thinking about ROI.
– The importance of the wider context in which Office 365 is being 

Registration is required – please see Meetup for details

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