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Best Day Ever (April 2019 Edition)

I was in Auckland for a few days this week to attend and speak at the Digital Workplace Conference 2019. The conference was on Tuesday and Wednesday, and since there was a Speaker’s Dinner on Monday night, I flew up on Monday morning. This gave me several hours to wander the streets (which are very different streets to the ones I wander at home), browse the shops, and have a long swim. In terms of the first, I walked for almost two hours on Monday. In terms of the second, I didn’t spend money on anything except for food (but there are some nice laptop bags on sale here in the City of Sails). And in terms of the third, my dream for Monday was to swim 6km “non-stop,” which means you can stop periodically to consume a mouthful or two of fluid during the extended swim, but you can’t get out of the pool.

6km in a 25m pool means 240 lengths, and as an aspiring endurance swimmer, this is 1km / 40 lengths more than I have done before. I started just on 3.45pm, and was done two hours, zero minutes, and 51 seconds later. I stopped 5 times for fluid intake (thanks Powerade). Interestingly, I could have gone further if I had the time, unlike the day last May when I swam 5km and couldn’t do anything more. I guess that’s progressive fitness and endurance in action. Nice.

All in all, the above activity gave me a 400% award on my daily Move goal on my Watch. My daily Move goal is 3,000 KJ, and I ended the day with over 13,000 KJ and 219 exercise minutes. This new Move result is 600 KJ or more than my previous high point.

But of course, there’s a “downside” of setting a “best day ever.” And that is that doing better in the future gets harder. I’ll have to do a swim of at least 6km, walk for at least 15km, and be prepared to invest the better part of 4 hours in getting there.

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