Re-Imagining Effective Work

Re-Imagining Flooring – 3D Epoxy

Stuff (the online newspaper site in New Zealand) featured a story this week about 3D epoxy flooring:

The latest wave (pun intended) of 3D floors presents some astonishing optical illusions, and it seems watery scenes are most in demand.

You can walk into the bathroom and walk over the surf crashing on a beach, or a tropical lagoon, complete with sea anemones and fish, as shown in the images from Advanced Industrial Coatings (AIC).

But the dolphins leaping out of the blue on the bedroom floor in the Chuvie Decor Instagram image is possibly the most surreal. The effect is astounding. Or how about the tiled floor that appears to dip away beneath your feet? Disconcerting, for sure.

See what is. Know what’s possible. Create different.

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