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Mixed Reality with Power BI for Firstline Workers

Back in March the Power BI team announced the preview of the Mixed Reality app for Power BI, which transposes Power BI report pages and dashboards on the real-world. This means someone can put on a HoloLens headset and see relevant data next to specific machines, meeting rooms, and other physical objects for which data is collected.

How about:
– per the video above, enabling the floor manager to see the current status of machines in a factory, highlighting which ones need attention. The video doesn’t show it, but the HoloLens could also be used to stream a tutorial on how to fix the broken machine, or link with Remote Assist to bring in an outside expert for troubleshooting and rectification.
– a manager could look at the meeting rooms on the floor, and see occupancy rates overlaid with the technology utilisation in each room, for planning a floor revamp.
– a customer at a car sales yard puts on a HoloLens and walks around looking at the various vehicles on sale, with data shown including gas mileage, specific features of interest, and a price/value ratio calculation based on metrics of interest to the customer.
– a retail worker who re-stocks the shelves puts on HoloLens and sees where stock levels are low out on the floor, ensuring that the shop doesn’t run out of any items during the day.
– a bank manager can look at the floor layout of tellers and banking advisors, and is able to track foot traffic throughout the day within the bank (anonymised but based on real data on types of customer enquiries). He or she is able to see when queues get overburdened throughout the day, and can adjust the balance of staff on the floor throughout the day to address dynamic customer demand patterns.

For the Power BI app, content can be pinned to a specific geo-location or can follow around the user in the dock. There doesn’t yet seem to be the ability to attach content to a moving target, such as a person, for reporting on their effectiveness at work. I’m guessing the Power BI team is still exploring the data protection concerns around that one.

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