Hyperfish Acquired by LiveTiles

Last year I wrote about Hyperfish a couple of times (Introduction, Beyond Active Directory, and Thoughts on Collecting Expertise).

I was interested to note that LiveTiles acquired Hyperfish late last week:

Headquartered in New York, LiveTiles is the market leader in intelligent workplace software empowering organizations across the world to reinvent how work is done. LiveTiles creates unforgettable user experiences that are further enhanced through artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capability.

The acquisition of Hyperfish by LiveTiles represents the merger of two of the fastest growing and most exciting companies in the Microsoft ecosystem. Their combined technologies will enable LiveTiles to deliver organizations the most compelling and advanced Intelligent Workplace platforms.

Stockhead has details on the financials of the deal.

Mmm, interesting times ahead. Either LiveTiles will constrain the Hyperfish technology to its own platform and offering, or bring scale and scope to the generalised nature of the Hyperfish value proposition to all Office 365 firms. I’m hoping for the latter.

1. Chris from Hyperfish says they will keep focusing on the bigger picture.
2. Jeremy Thake, who moved from Microsoft to Hyperfish to become VP Product Technology, is going back to Microsoft.

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