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Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 2 today (May 15, US time). The new Hub 2 – for meeting rooms, team work, and visual collaboration – is more flexible and lighter than the first version of the Hub. It comes in one size, rather than the two options of the Hub 1.

The details:
– it’s a 4K display, on a screen of 50.5″
– multiple people can sign-in simultaneously
– four screens can be tiled together to give a more expansive view – either 204″ in landscape, or 135″ in portrait.
– Microsoft has worked with Steelcase to develop rolling stands and easy-to-use mounts
– the Hub 2 will be tested with selected commercial customers this year, and will be available for purchase in 2019.
– in the video (at 0:48), note that the woman signs in with a thumbprint. There is no mention of Windows Hello (facial recognition for sign in, but that might be an option too).
– in the video (at 1:31), note how the user has connected their Surface Pro to one of the Hub 2’s, and is able to manipulate what’s on screen from the Pro. Great effect.

The first two times we see the Hub 2 in the video, they are within the context of one person’s office. At the right price point, a Hub 2 could provide a much more immersive collaboration experience for individuals. Additional shots in the video put two or more Hub 2’s in meeting rooms, which is where the Hub 1 was positioned.

Within 15 hours of being announced, the above video has garnered over 350,000 views and attracted almost 1,200 comments. There is a lot of interest …

Great job Microsoft. The video is fantastic. The music beautiful. The device very compelling. It will be interesting to see pricing come 2019.

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