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Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote Highlights

Microsoft Build 2018, a major conference hosted by Microsoft for its developers, was held in Seattle during the past week. CNET cut the multi-hour keynote into a 12-minute highlights reel.
– the importance of data privacy to Microsoft (as it should be)
– a partnership with DJI so that DJI drones can stream video to a laptop and have an analytics model run on the video stream to interpret what is being seen. The example shown, including a drone flown inside during the keynote, was analysing pipe work for structural defects or anomalies.
– the partnership between Microsoft and Amazon for Alexa and Cortana to work together.
– two new mixed reality applications. Microsoft Remote Assist enables a firstline worker wearing a HoloLens to share their video stream with another person, and for that other person to provide verbal instructions based on the video stream, as well as mark up annotations that highlight specific issues or areas for concern or mitigation in the video stream. The second application is called Microsoft Layout, for designing new physical spaces.