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Intelligent Parking with Siemens

Every driver in the world knows the challenge of finding a car park in busy city streets, and the stress and frustration that mounts as you drive around and around and around until you happen upon a car park. Or the annoyance of being one car back from getting the park you have been looking for the past 10-15 minutes.

Surely there has to be a better way.

The Siemens Intelligent Parking Solution uses parking bay sensors to map available parking spaces, and can communicate with drivers in vehicles to advise them on nearby open parking bays based on their intended route. There is also some intelligence in the system for predictive-based availability using historical parking patterns. If no parking spaces are available, drivers are advised to park further away from their destination and take public transportation options instead. Parking bay sensors can also sense when vehicles have parked for too long, or when vehicles are parked in places they should not be (e.g., a cycle lane), and alert parking wardens so corrective action can be taken.

One future possibility is that parking bay meters could be removed altogether (thereby improving footpaths for pedestrians), with drivers being billed directly for parking fees based on actual parking time.

Way to go Siemens – I love hearing stories of people being able to see a solution to a problem, and then developing a way of addressing the problem.

Learn more – Siemens Intelligent Parking Solutions

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