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Accessing LinkedIn Profile Data in Office 365

At Ignite in late September, Microsoft announced an integration between LinkedIn profile data and Office 365:

After you connect your LinkedIn account to your Microsoft account, you’ll seamlessly discover more insights within the Profile Card in your Inbox, your calendar and contacts lists. Simply hover over a contact’s name to see information from their LinkedIn Profile, such as where they work, what they do, and where they went to school. For example, when you receive an email from someone you haven’t met, you can instantly identify them and make a more meaningful start to the conversation. Or, if you’re not already connected with someone you collaborate with in Office 365, you can send a LinkedIn connection invite directly from Profile Card.

Essentially, once this rolls out to Office 365 tools and Office productivity applications, you will have a quick way to view the LinkedIn profile data for a person. It is a view-only experience within Office 365 as it doesn’t actually do anything to your contact and people data in Office 365. The link between Office 365 and LinkedIn is controlled by each individual; each person must authorise Office 365 to look up their personal LinkedIn account by signing into LinkedIn when requested.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in June 2016 for $26.2 billion. There has to be more coming than just this, but all great journeys start with a first step. This is one of those.

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