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Cognitive Analysis for Sentiment of Project Reports – Level35 and IBM Watson

Level35 provides a cloud-based project portfolio management platform. It has added cognitive capabilities from IBM Watson to analyse the sentiment of project reports and auto-flag problems:

Fuelled by IBM Cloud, IBM Watson helps Level35’s flagship product OneViewPPM, a cloud-based project portfolio management platform that streamlines data collection, collaboration and reporting for large-scale projects or programs of work, to analyse the impact and relevance of project managers’ reports on the readers. This platform is driven by Watson Tone Analyzer Service, using it to evaluate the tone of status reports written by project managers. This helps project managers to evaluate a project’s “sentiment” and flag to stakeholders when a project may be on the verge of a crisis.

As enterprise and governments move towards greater numbers of smaller, agile projects, it is increasingly challenging to keep on top of rapidly growing volumes of project reports and ensuring complex programs stay on track. By using Watson on IBM Cloud, OneViewPPM’s insights have already helped the Victorian Government Department of Economic Development, Jobs Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) to write more effective and collaborative reports in less time, allowing them to focus more on project health and other active duties. Level35 have also signed up The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) who are also looking to leverage Watson within their enterprise Portfolio Management Office.

Nice development. Will project managers or report writers start gaming the system to increase obfuscation? Herein lies the human factors question.

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