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Where were we again? Re-starting that last meeting


I’m sure you’ve been in a meeting where you had to pick up where you left off from last time … and the quick questions are “What were we talking about again?,” “Where did we get to?,” and “What is unresolved?” There might be a mad scramble for photos of the whiteboard from the last session, or a glance in email or a team site for any previous meeting notes.

If you have Surface Hub, Microsoft has a new possibility for you, courtesy of the just released (but not fully rolled out) update to Windows 10 on Surface Hubs:

One of the most loved features of Surface Hub is the ability to send whiteboards to meeting participants via e-mail as image or OneNote file. Now, we’ve added the ability to sign in, to save and recall Whiteboards directly from OneDrive. This helps people pick up right where their last meeting ended with a simple and secure sign-in experience.


Other updates include inking support in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, enhanced multi-touch, and support for third-party peripherals.