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New Report: Distributing Team and Organisational Updates with Office 365


My book Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 examines eight core opportunities for using Office 365 to improve day-to-day work activities. Last week I published the first of the advanced scenarios for using Office 365 – Distributing Team and Organisational Updates. This new report is available immediately.

Here’s the table of contents for the 27-page report:
The Big Idea
– Time Lapse in Updates: Impact on Collaborative Willingness
– Mechanics and Disciplines
Research Findings
Office 365 Capability
– Yammer
– Delve Blog
– Office 365 Video
– Roadmap Intent
Analysis and Evaluation
What Firms Are Doing
Behavioural Aspects
– The Importance of Voice
– Are You Saying I’m Incompetent?
On Improving Performance
Applying this Report to Achieve Impact

The new report follows the same structured approach as the core opportunities in the book. I invite you to get your copy today if distributing team and organisational updates is part of your mandate and role.

If You Already Have the Book
If you have purchased a copy of my book – Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365you can get this new report for half price. Just enter the last word from page 193 of the book in the coupon code field to get that; let me know if you have any queries on making that work for you.

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