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Unleashing Meeting Go on the Enterprise (aka Pokemon Go Enterprise Edition)

Somewhere in a meeting room of a collaboration software vendor around the world, I imagine the following brainstorm is currently taking place:

“Have you heard about this new Pokemon Go game? It’s making people get up and move in the real world.”
“We already provide great tools to enable virtual collaboration across the enterprise. But we’re not getting people to turn up to meetings too well.”
“Yeah, they’re late. They come unprepared.”
“They zone out.”
“Why don’t we take the Go phenomenon and apply it to meeting scheduling.”
“Exactly! It’s about catching your meeting, and you have to be there in time for it to happen.”
“And as each agenda item comes up, there’s something else for you to catch in the room.”
“We could feed this into the gamification analytics engine, showing real-time stats of meeting attendance based on Go! ratings.”
“Indeed. You get points for turning up, staying engaged, catching the stray monsters, and more.”
“And if there is a particularly nasty discussion going on anywhere in the building – we could analyse that by listening in to tone of voice by hacking the microphone on smartphones, we could issue extra monsters to encourage the right people to spontaneously turn up.”
“You mean like an unorganised flash mob, but instead a meeting mob to get the right outcome?”
“And we could use it for town hall meetings too. Have a particular monster that looks like the CEO to catch at that one.”
“Let’s call it Meeting Go.”

Please … let’s not do this.

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