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Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 – Now Available


A week has passed since I said I was finishing a book, and I’m delighted finally to say the book is now finished, published, and available. I checked off the three tasks I had to complete, and while I initially published the book yesterday afternoon, I had to withdraw it to fix something in the PDF. An early morning saw to those tasks, and it is now done.

Specifically, the book:
– is a PDF, with 240 pages. The cost for a single-user license is US$19.
– provides an industry analysts view of Office 365 through the lens of eight core opportunities to re-think work.
– took the longest of any of my books to write. I’m so pleased to have this out …

The benefits you get from reading the book are:

1. An independent view on the state of the art with Office 365: what’s good, what’s not, and what needs to change. This will help your decision making with respect to Office 365 at your firm.

2. A wider perspective on what is needed beyond the tools in Office 365 to get impact and value from embracing Office 365. The tool set is one thing, but throughout the opportunity chapters you’ll find the conceptual foundations, research findings, case studies, behavioural strategies, and more. It’s a business book, on a technical subject.

3. A bunch of helpful advice intended to enable you to get the most out of Office 365, whether you are just starting or already well down the path.

I’d love you to read it. And I’d love to hear your story about Office 365.

Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365