Case Studies on Office 365 at Work – What’s Happening in Your Work?

I am putting the final touches on a new book that looks at the business opportunities for using Office 365. It explores eight core scenarios of how Office 365 can improve day-to-day work, and for each I want to profile firms that are already using Office 365 and experiencing some benefits. Do you have any examples from your work of Office 365 being used to support:

  • Profiling employee experience (e.g., using Delve profiles for finding people).
  • Storing and sharing files (e.g., using OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint document libraries).
  • Co-authoring documents, spreadsheets, slide decks.
  • Holding discussions (e.g., instead of using email, holding discussions in SharePoint, Yammer, or an Office 365 Group).
  • Managing meetings (e.g., using OneNote in a meeting, or Skype for Business).
  • Running team projects (e.g., using SharePoint Online, or an Office 365 Group).
  • Thinking productively (e.g., using OneNote or Office 365 Planner for personal planning of the week ahead, or stepping back from the “madness” to contemplate how you can contribute best).

If yes, could we talk? I’d love to include a paragraph about your experiences, either as an anonymous case study, or with your firm being named.

Please advise ASAP if this could work.

Thanks much, Michael.

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