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Booz Allen Hamilton on Office 365

In December last year Microsoft featured the case study of Booz Allen Hamilton and its use Office 365. There’s a blog post on Office Blogs, a shorter one on The Fire Hose, the above video on Youtube, and a couple of older posts on the OneDrive Blog and Microsoft Case Studies.

Core ideas that stood out to me on reviewing the above material:
– BAH is a consulting firm, and consultants earn money by being onsite with clients, not tied to a BAH office.
– BAH needed tools that aligned to the nature of its work, and Office 365 fitted the bill. Support for mobile workers and mobile devices (yes). Support for connecting consultants across the firm (yes). Availability of standardised tools for all consultants (yes).
– BAH has a cultural tenet for collaboration (probably more than one): an idea shared is an idea improved.
– For some clients the rapid release of new capabilities in Office 365 is too much too fast. For BAH, being able to get immediate access to new features was viewed as a positive.
– Office 365 offers a couple of ways for storing documents and supporting co-authoring: OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Team Sites. BAH has a simple heuristic to help consultants choose between the two: use OneDrive for Business for storing personal file and when drafting documents with up to three authors. For larger team projects, use a Team Site in SharePoint.
– The ability to just sync everything in OneDrive for Business is an excellent capability for BAH, whereas many other people just want selective sync. For BAH consultants, having everything available immediately allows them to answer client questions then and there, without having to say “I’ll get back to you on that.”
– The new ways of drafting Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in Office 365 “saves hours,” which is crucial in the consulting world.
– BAH created Zone, its intranet built on Office 365 to increase engagement among staff. Delve and Office 365 Video are included in Zone.
– Staff migrated their own content into OneDrive for Business. Very little training was required.

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  1. What do the consultants do when they are at a clients and OneDrive for Business stops syncing the Team Site correctly?

    • I don’t know the answer to that Alex. The older sync clients definitely had reliability problems, and consultants would not put up with that easily.

      What’s your experience in your work?