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Beezy Integrates Yammer and SharePoint

Since its acquisition of Yammer in 2012, an improving level of integration between SharePoint and Yammer has been drip fed from Microsoft. It hasn’t been a speedy integration. Last week Beezy announced two-way integration between Yammer and SharePoint that is a great step up from what’s available from Microsoft:

As a native SharePoint and Office 365 solution, Beezy displays all of your existing Yammer data within SharePoint, whether online and on prem, through the Beezy UI. Additionally, Beezy enriches the Yammer experience with additional enterprise collaboration capabilities (wikis, blogs, Q&A, Town Hall, etc.). The result is a truly integrated experience, leveraging the strengths of each platform.

With the new Beezy integration, all content and conversations within existing Yammer communities are displayed within SharePoint through Beezy´s UI without having to perform a migration of these Yammer communities. Organizations can choose to continue using these communities, as all new activities created in Yammer (updates, comments, likes, praises, polls, documents, etc.) will be displayed in SharePoint through Beezy´s newsfeed. Likewise, new activities in Beezy (updates, comments, likes, praises, polls, documents, wikis, blogs, Q&A, Ideation, Town Hall, etc.) will also be displayed in the Yammer newsfeed.

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