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Composition Goals in PostBox 4

Postbox announced a new composition goals feature in its latest email client.

Postbox 4’s new Composition Goals feature helps you achieve two important things that are basic to emailing effectively and efficiently:

1. Keeping each message concise and to-the-point. Studies show that recipients are more likely to read emails that are simple and easy to read.
2. Not spending more time than we can spare for each message. Hey, you’re busy, right?

Three Helpful Tools to Choose From

1. A character counter — that tracks the number of characters in a message.
2. A word counter — that tracks the number of words in a message.
3. A stopwatch — that tracks how long you’ve been writing a message.

You can use any two of these at a time.

When you go past a character, word, and/or time quota, the corresponding indicator at the bottom of the Compose window turns red. You can keep going if you like, of course.

Providing tools for changing / improving sender-side behaviour is something I wrote about in my blog post on IBM Verse. Good to see Postbox taking this route.

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